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How Does a Medium Connect With Passed Loved Ones During a Live Mediumship Reading Event_ Feature Image

How Does a Medium Connect With Passed Loved Ones?

by | May 1, 2021 | Private & Group Psychic Mediumship Events

Learn how a medium connects with deceased loved ones delivering inspirational healing messages at a live psychic medium reading event.

Television shows have opened up the channel (literally) for mediumship readings, to be observed. Oftentimes we get the quick edited version of what a mediumship reading looks like, but as a working medium I assure you that there is so much that occurs in a mediumship reading that you won’t see on television or when receiving a mediumship reading.

Every Medium works differently, but the definition of a medium stays the same. A medium is a person in the middle that delivers messages from those that have passed away to those that are living here on earth. As a Medium, it’s my job to open up the conversation between the spirit realm and my client, also known as the sitter, receiving the reading.

When giving live group mediumship readings, whether it’s in person or over zoom on video the medium will do the following:

Become aware of the loved ones in spirit

When I begin my live mediumship reading event, I will open up my awareness to the passed loved ones that are coming forward. I may see them through my mind’s eye, like a mental picture, or I may feel the passed loved ones around me. They always travel in groups, so it’s important for me to open up to see who is there. When you think of going to a friend’s house, it’s important to acknowledge everyone in the room when you come in. This is how I think of my mediumship readings. I want to become aware of everyone I sense. I then start tuning into them, one at a time.

Receive the information using many senses

When I’m communicating with passed loved ones, I open up to receive the information that comes forward. There are multiple ways this can occur. Mediums may see, feel, hear, know, or even taste and smell when connecting in with the spirit realm. For example, during my mediumship events, I will receive significant detailed information to present to the audience. I may receive a vision of their physical attributes, feel how they passed away, or know what they did for a profession when they were living on earth.

Deliver the information to the audience

I then take this time to deliver the evidence that’s coming forward, to the audience members. Once I share key details about the passed loved one coming through, one or more audience members may raise their hands if they believe I’m connecting with their passed loved one, through the evidence that has come forward. There have been moments where more than one person can relate to this information and as the medium, it is my job to make sure that I allow the passed loved one to give me more information, so that I can pin point whose passed loved one it is. There are moments where I may feel the passed loved one shift my focus to one of the people raising their hands and other moments I may have to receive more evidence that is the deciding factor in where I’m going to deliver the message. For example, I was delivering messages at my live mediumship event and two people raised their hands relating to the information coming forward about key details of the life of a male that died. The way I knew who he belonged to in the audience was because he shared the names of his children. Once I presented these names only one of the audience members could relate to it. From there I went directly to the woman and gave her more detailed information about memories of his life and other healing messages he brought forward to his family. In other Mediumship readings, there have been moments that passed loved ones will share information about events that took place after they passed away, such as the sitter getting a tattoo in their honor. I was giving a mediumship reading to an audience member and her passed loved one shared that she got a tattoo of angel wings for her and the audience member gasped lifting up the back of her shirt to show her angel wings. The spirit realm will always confirm they are around us.

A mediumship event is not only a healing experience for the members of the audience that are receiving the reading, it can also be a profound experience for those sitting observing the readings too.

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