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The Lindsay & Tony Podcast for Psychic Mediums & Empath Entrepreneurs

Tune in with listeners from all over the world to experience true transformation, gain personal insights, and entrepreneurial business tips in our highly sought-after spiritual business podcast.

Episode 147 The 3 Ways Empath Entrepreneurs Become Drained

Episode 146 Angel Encounters with George Koury

Episode 145: The 3 Common Struggles of Empath Entrepreneurs

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With our dedication in hosting exclusive annual retreats and masterminds, and combined knowledge and teaching experience of over twenty-five years, we share our spiritual and entrepreneurial insights.

Psychic Medium, Lindsay Marino

Lindsay has worked with over a thousand Psychic Mediums, worldwide, deepen their gifts, and grow their business. Lindsay holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Lindsay has been seen on Low Country Live Television, Cambridge Community Television, Mindalia Television, OMTimes Radio, and On Purpose with Alex Beadon.

Intuitive Coach, Tony Mitchell

Tony, a former special education teacher, is notable for his program “Energy Management for Empath Entrepreneurs” and his expertise in deep coaching sessions, masterminds, and retreats. He helps empath entrepreneurs manage their energy levels and maximize their gifts.


listener favorites

Episode 6: A Journey Through Mediumship with Mavis Pittilla

Episode 8: From a Near Death Experience to Living in Truth & Freedom with Anita Moorjani

Episode 17: Stop Being a People Pleaser

Episode 99: Is Communicating With Passed Loved Ones Evidence of Human Potential?

Episode 109: How to Choose the Right Mastermind

Episode 147: The 3 Ways Empath Entrepreneurs Become Drained

Libba Phillips

I love listening to the Lindsay and Tony Podcast! The topics around spirituality and mindset, among others, often resonate with what I need to hear at that moment. I’m STILL thinking about the podcast with your guest David and his near-death experience. Thank you for sharing so authentically in this way.

Hope Taylor

Easy listening and very informative.

I love the content that these two pick to speak on. They are very open and honest with their own experiences and give helpful information on how to navigate through so many life challenges and come out on top! Please keep these episodes coming!


I stumbled across this podcast and it has inspired me and given me so many things to think about in my personal journey. My spirit is being filled and stirred into a place that I have wanted to visit for a very long time. Thank you. ?

This is actually the 1st & only podcast I’m subscribed to; I heard about it via one of @lindsaymarinomedium live Instagram videos. Super helpful tidbits of information to help you to be open to success & messages to reflect on as you go through your entrepreneurial journey. Love it! ?

@BeachAmiga, iTunes Review

So many things I can apply to my life in the first few episodes! I am learning to trust my intuition and they have great tips on how to focus in on them! Can’t wait for more episodes!

Ashleyy R, iTunes Review

binge the episodes

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The Lindsay & Tony Podcast

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