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Online Courses & Mentoring Programs for Psychic Mediums

The programs you’ll need to deepen your Intuitive and Mediumship Abilities & Grow Your Psychic Mediumship Business. I help you Unlock Your Inner Medium™ to propel you to your next level of spiritual development and build belief in yourself while experiencing true freedom and purpose!

After over a decade of helping Psychic Mediums master their psychic mediumship skills and build their businesses, I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works if you are:

Questioning your ability and confidence to connect with spirit.
Just getting started and feel you aren’t even sure if you are a Medium.
Wanting to feel completely confident to move past your comfort zone to your next level, without feeling like a fraud.
Struggling with knowing how to have a Psychic Medium Business that’s filled with purpose, impact, and lifestyle freedom.
Looking for a community of heart-centered Mediums who see you, support you, and love practicing, connecting, and collaborating.
Ready to step into your true power and transform not only your psychic mediumship skills but your complete being.
you’re in the right place.


For All abilities

Online Courses For Psychic Mediums

Get started today by taking a self-study course at your own pace or choose to get LIVE VIP support with me, to further your development.
Join Our Community

Mastery Circle Membership

Join other Mediums from around the world, in my online membership, for monthly circles & beautiful connections.

Meaningful Opportunities

Retreats For Psychic Medium Students

Learn how to join us on my next exclusive and intimate annual Psychic Medium Retreat.

For the Grieving

Heart-to-Hearts with Heaven™

Learn how to confidently connect to your own passed loved ones in a self-study course.


Unlock Your Inner Medium

Develop your mediumship abilities online through live mediumship classes and self-guided mediumship courses.
Unlock Your Inner Medium Programs are a high vibrational place to deepen your connection to spirit. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate level Medium, or a working Medium with over thirty years of experience my courses and VIP Mediumship Mentorship will bring you transformational shifts to uncover deeper development on your mediumship journey.
more course details
All levels have access to our online community where you can practice my proven Mediumship exercises that will bring you powerful results. These 3 programs are designed to go hand in hand, which means taking them together will give you the most impact. Even if you are a professional Medium, going through every level will bring you deeper growth.

Level 1
This program is not only for beginners of Mediumship, this program is also for Mediums that want to go back to the basics for a solid detailed foundation of Mediumship. You will learn step by step, detail by detail, the fundamentals of Mediumship, and how to give powerful mediumship readings. Whether you’ve taken mediumship courses or not, Level 1 will give you a solid space to realign with the principles of Mediumship with proven Mediumship exercises for hands-on practice.

Level 2
This program teaches you how to get more evidence, feel more confident, and trust spirit in new ways, It gives you a variety of ways to get creative with your readings to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before with specific mediumship exercises that use multiple clairs at the same time. It’s designed to help you move through any struggles and plateaus you’ve hit with your mediumship and give you a Mediumship reboot so that you can push past your comfort zone.

Level 3
This program is designed to break old patterns to spice up your Mediumship in a new way. Ready to try something new to change up how your readings are feeling, so they feel more exciting, meaningful, and filled with more detail? Level 3 is packed with deep-dive lessons that bring you to new heights in your Mediumship. Not only will your Mediumship change, but you will also change.

VIP Mediumship Mentorship
Each Unlock Your Inner Medium Level gives you the option to add this VIP exclusive group mentoring program opportunity. Each group mentoring consists of 7 weeks of LIVE online practice mediumship exercises over zoom, where you receive personal reading feedback to further your development and maximize your results.


Unlock Your Intuition

Receive exclusive access to the online community and self-guided weekly exercises to deepen your intuition.
Unlock Your Intuition is a high vibrational place to learn how to connect intuitively, on a soul level. With my resources, you will have more emotional freedom, more accomplishments, better business decisions, and excellent communication in relationships that actually feel right!
more course details
This is a self-study course that you can complete at your own pace. This program will leave you feeling confident in your intuition skills and help you go from second-guessing yourself to feeling fully confident in the signs and messages you receive.

When You Enter the World of “Unlocking Your Intuition” you will experience:

  • Exclusive Access to the Online Community for Members Only
  • Intuitive Exercises
  • Guided Meditations
  • Weekly Workbook Exercises
  • Special Bonuses

Weekly Topics
WEEK 1: Getting Clear On Your Beliefs
WEEK 2: Intuitive Awareness
WEEK 3: Intention and Preception of Intuition
WEEK 4: Intuitive Abundance


Unlock Your Psychic Medium Online Business

Grow more confident in your abilities and build your psychic medium business with my foundational tools for success.
This course is a blueprint for building your online Psychic Medium business. Join other Psychic Mediums from around the world and transform your business to help you impact more clients and give you the balance of a lifestyle filled with freedom.
more course details
This business program is a self-study course that you can take at your own pace. Each module was thoughtfully created from years of personal experience of struggles and celebrations in my own Psychic Mediumship business and also seeing the same experiences come up while working with psychic mediums.

What To Expect
Run your business with a sense of ease and direction. Learn anything from the proper scheduling resources to the type of content you create for a steady flow of income and impact. It’s a place for you to gain techniques on becoming more visible and vulnerable, to impact more of the right clients for you, while having the time freedom in your life.

MODULE 1: Scheduling Clients For Your Lifestyle
MODULE 2: Creating an Optimal Environment For Flow in Your Business
MODULE 3: How to Attract the Right Clients
MODULE 4: Content Creation
MODULE 5: Money Mindset

Bonus Experts
Listen to bonus interviews in the topics of branding photography, disclaimers, and trademarks, and creating less intimidating videos.

Heart-to-Hearts with Heaven Mediumship Course anchor image

4 Module Online Course

Heart-to-Hearts with Heaven™

Start feeling completely confident in your communication with your passed loved ones.
This course is designed to help you get crystal clear on how to receive messages from your own passed loved ones and how to continue your communication with them.
more course details
This program is a self-study course that you can do in your own time. Each module was carefully created from my own grief journey and experiences through continuing the relationship and communication I have with my own passed loved ones.

What is Your Mediumship Superpower?

Unsure which course is right for you? Take this two-minute quiz to figure out which Mediumship Superpower is yours. Your personal life is a mirror for your Mediumship. The answers may or may not shock you.

Take The

Discover Your Superpower 

Having no experience with mediumship before, I wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for me. Lindsay truly showed me how to unlock my inner medium. You will experience growth, no matter where you are in your journey. And you will gain confidence in your abilities. I absolutely LOVED the spirit circles. That was key in me being able to take action with my learning and practice in a safe environment. Without those spirit circles, I would not have gained confidence in my abilities.

Jessica Yeager

Unlock Your Inner Medium Student

I love the fact that you teach about the law of attraction, law of resistance, etc. and how they affect business. All of the information you give us is gold, and then you add bonus material such as special offers on the things you personally use in your business. You so much want to see other people succeed, and that is the most important part because you are spreading that mentality around through your teachings. You are creating a beautiful ripple effect. I can’t thank you enough for putting this course together.

Cara Gilman

Unlock Your Online Psychic Medium Business Student

The Mediumship Mastery Circle has been a transformative blessing for me. As a professional psychic medium, I’ve found that this work can, at times, be a lonely and often misunderstood journey. While we may have love and support from our family and friends, the unconventional challenges of this work are unique and not relatable to most. Thus having a place like the Mediumship Mastery Circle to turn to for advice, guidance, a sounding board, and even just the sense of community of people who live and breathe the same challenges and experiences is priceless.

Mary Mittlestandt

Mediumship Mastery Circle Member

I am so grateful to have joined the Mediumship Mastery Circle. The support I’ve received from Lindsay and the amazing psychic mediums in this group has been exactly what I needed. I joined during a time where I was having trouble balancing being a new mom, working full-time, and following my true passion of growing my psychic medium/energy healing business. The support that I’ve received, the lessons and skills that I’ve learned, and the accountability that this group has given me has been so transformative.

Erin Marie

Mediumship Mastery Circle Member


Online Membership for Mediumship Development

This Mediumship Mastery Circle online mediumship membership is a home for Mediums that want to continue to deepen their mediumship skills, while having a positive community that supports your growth. This is so that you don’t feel alone and uncertain on how to keep your momentum going with your Mediumship development.

The doors open a few times each year, so make sure that you are the first to know when the doors open again for Mediumship Mastery Circle.

more membership details
This membership is a home for heart-centered mediums that love a community to practice with and a place to build meaningful relationships with. Join us to heighten your Mediumship skills and have a place to increase your confidence in your mindset around mediumship.

What to Expect
You’ll experience a place that my Mediumship members call their safe haven. A place to be vulnerable. A place to share your celebrations, your struggles, and a spot to try new mediumship exercises to deepen your spirit connection.

Now Is The Best Time To Join

  1. The most supportive Mediumship Community: Over the last 19 years Lindsay has been teaching students in the public school systems and teaching over 150 students from all around the world. She’s learned exactly what it takes to foster a safe environment that allows rapid growth to take place.
  2. Proximity to high-quality Mediums: Lindsay believes that you become who you surround yourself with. Lindsay has a high standard for her members. It doesn’t matter where her members are at, Lindsay will meet them with the proper tools to help their Mediumship journey.
  3. Learn to fine-tune your Mediumship skills and how to solve problems/work through your struggles. You will do this all while maintaining the momentum of your Mediumship. Lindsay believes that Mediumship is not only about practicing & mastering Mediumship skills…it’s about having an unstoppable mindset filled with belief in not only the Spirit Realm, but in yourself also.

What you will experience in Mediumship Mastery Circle...

  • Monthly Live Practice Circles over Zoom
  • Monthly Live Q&A Sessions
  • Monthly Mediumship Development Audios
  • Exclusive Student Resources Section
  • Access to The Private Community


Business Mastermind for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This 90 Day Spiritual Business Mastermind is an exclusive opportunity to work with myself and Intuitive Coach Tony Michell as we push you out of your comfort zone and into the next level of your business.

This mastermind is limited to only 5 participants and the doors open only twice each year!

more mastermind details
This 90 Day Mastermind will uplevel your business & give you clarity on where to go next.

This group is an elite Spiritual Business Mastermind that has been created with specific energy & intention in mind.

This Mastermind is ONLY for participants that have received payments from clients.

What to Expect
The participants of this group must be willing to take action steps to further their business growth. You must be coachable and be willing to be guided out of your comfort zone.

Now Is The Best Time To Join

  1. Learn from a Psychic Medium & Healer that is running a 6 Figure + successful Spiritual business. I’ve been in Education with over 19 years of experience in teaching others to reach your full potential.
  2. Gain clarity from an Intuitive Coach who specializes in helping highly intuitive entrepreneurs with energy management & extreme mindset shifts. Tony Mitchell has been in the Education field for a decade and has been helping others reach their full potential one insight at a time. Tony received Teacher of the Year and started a coffee business with his entrepreneurship class, that spread district-wide. Tony now works full time helping Psychic Mediums, Healers, & other highly intuitive entrepreneurs continue their mission.
  3. Proximity to other like-minded people who want to grow on an exponential level. When two or more minds come together with the same intention, magic takes form and you’ll have a safe place to grow and launch to your next level.

What you will experience in this 90 day Spiritual Mastermind...

  • Access to The Private Community
  • 4 – Two Hour Mastermind Group Calls
  • 3 – Private Clarity Sessions with Intuitive Coach, Tony Michell
  • 3 – Private Business Sessions with Psychic Medium, Lindsay Marino
  • Transformational Resources for Your Business

Unlock Your Inner
Psychic Medium Retreat

Recharge & Learn

Imagine showing up on a vacation for your soul, that was intentionally created with love, with you in mind. You’ll be immersed in psychic mediumship exercises to bring you through a massive soul-awakening experience.

Compassionate Women

Build life-long friendships, instantly, through the carefully planned out spirit-led exercises that are infused with love to help you grow on a soul level. Share, connect, and grow together to propel you to new levels.

Retreat on The Beach

Wake up to the sound of ocean waves, sand beneath your feet, and a nourished mind, body and soul. Students leave our Psychic Medium Retreat saying their whole life has shifted and it will never be the same.

Join the Waitlist

You’ll want to make sure you’re the first to know about Lindsay’s Exclusive Psychic Medium Retreats. You must be a member of Lindsay’s Mediumship Mastery Circle or a Mediumship Mentorship student of Lindsays.

 Sign up Now for April Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, I’ve had some common questions pop up so be sure to check them out. Do you still have questions about the courses I offer or my membership programs? Click “Say Hello” and send me an email with your question.

Do you have to be born a Medium or can you train to be a Medium?

If you have an interest in learning Mediumship, there is a reason. Just like you can train for a sport or learn to play a musical instrument, you can train to become a Medium. There are some people born with an ear for music and others that have to find a music teacher. The same goes for Mediumship. Some people have childhood experiences remembering their connection with spirit and others get interested in Mediumship later in life. Both groups of people have to practice Mediumship in order to develop their Mediumship.

How can I become more confident in my Mediumship abilities?

Find a Mediumship Mentor that you resonate with and take Mediumship classes online or in-person. Set aside time to practice Mediumship exercises and surround yourself with like-minded people that you can practice with. Take time to listen to mindset trainings to maintain your belief in yourself. Also, keep a journal to log all of your Mediumship experiences whether they are moments of struggles or celebrations.

Am I a Psychic or a Medium?

If you’re using Psychic abilities you are able to tune into the energy or feeling of a person that is living here on Earth. You may see information about their past, present, or future. If you’re using Mediumship abilities, you are connecting with passed loved ones. You may see, hear, feel, or know they are there. You can always develop both Psychic and Mediumship abilities.

How do I know it’s time to start a Psychic Mediumship Business?

You will know in your heart it’s time, even if you feel it in a subtle way. If you’re finding yourself passionate about helping others and you’ve put in the time and energy in getting positive results during your Psychic Mediumship readings and healings, then trust that. It’s important to seek out a support system of other psychic mediums, a Psychic Medium Business mentor or Psychic Mediumship Business program to help guide you through this process of following your passion.

Free Resources For Psychic Mediums

Choose your fun, free, and transformative resource below and see how I can help you go deeper with your mediumship, intuition, and business skills!

Inner Medium Students
Free Video Series

Wanting to learn ways to deepen the evidence in your Mediumship? Join my Free Video series and increase the evidence you receive.

Intuition Students
Free Training

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to my Unlock Your Intuition Online Course? Join my Free Online Training “Unlock Your Intuition in 30 Minutes.”

Business Students
Free Master Class

Wanting to get a taste of how I teach Psychic Mediumship Business skills? Join my Free Business Webinar for Psychic Mediums.

Blog Posts for Psychic Medium Students

Check out my latest blog posts to help you learn more about deepening your Psychic Mediumship development.

How to Create a Successful Psychic Mediumship Business

Creating a successful psychic mediumship business includes always remembering your “why,” setting up your website, investing in yourself, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, being mindful of your time and energy, and setting up weekly meetings.

read more

Mindfulness Guided Meditation for Psychic Mediums

As a Psychic Medium, you are deserving of experiencing wealth in your purpose, your bank account, and in your happiness. Download my Free 7 Minute Guided Meditation for Psychic Medium Business owners “You’re Worthy of Impacting an Abundance of Clients, While Experiencing Wealth in Your Heart, in Your Purpose, & in Your Bank Account to Continue Your Mission.”

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