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How to Create a Successful Psychic Mediumship Business

How to Create a Successful Psychic Mediumship Business

by | Jun 1, 2021 | In The Media

Creating a successful psychic mediumship business includes always remembering your “why,” setting up your website, investing in yourself, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, being mindful of your time and energy, and setting up weekly meetings.

I always thought I would retire as a third grade teacher. Little did I know that my life would shift and I would become a full time Psychic Medium & Mentor. It all started when I was going through deep grief and I trusted the call to seek out spiritual answers about life and my connection with my own passed loved one. That passion of personal connection, curiosity and the quest for searching for more out life, brought me to learning all about mediumship. When you trust your heart and follow the breadcrumbs of your life, you notice things line up in ways that wouldn’t make sense to your logical mind. When you have a reason why you want to follow passions in life, you start to have an invisible energy that helps you along the way.

Leaving my third graders was not an easy task, but I knew that I had outgrown the school system and my mediumship private readings and mediumship events were getting busier. I trusted the call and left teaching in the school system to go full time in my mission. When I first started giving readings, I didn’t charge for years. I soon realized how much energy goes into the work of mediumship and in order to sustain the energy of the work and also reach more people, it was important to start truly valuing this work and charge my clients. As time went on I rented spaces for audience events and retreats. I was also asked if I could help others develop their own psychic mediumship abilities and that’s where my mentorships and my online psychic mediumship courses started. It’s important to trust the call when you feel the subtle shifts and nudges. Just like a musician charges for their concerts sharing the music they love, psychic mediums must charge for their time and energy.

Here are some keys in starting your successful business:

Always remember your “why”

It’s all about the intention of why you’ve started this beautiful mission. Why did your heart lead you to this point? Always reflect on how can you help others while maintaining high energy levels to have freedom in your mission and in your personal life.

Set up a website

When starting a psychic mediumship business it’s important to set up a website for clients. Giving your clients valuable content while sharing information about you and how you work is the perfect opportunity for them to learn and see if they resonate with your approach.
Also, it’s a spot for them to be able to schedule their appointments, view helpful resources, and add their contact email address for updates on upcoming events and classes.

Invest in yourself

Invest your time and energy in books, programs, and mentors. This will help you maintain your psychic mediumship abilities, business skills, and credibility so that you can be highly effective for your clients growth and healing. Just like a school teacher needs to stay up to date with development points to maintain their effectiveness in teaching, a psychic medium needs to stay up to date with the latest information for their psychic mediumship development and business training.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Gathering with other spiritual entrepreneurs through free groups or paid masterminds and courses will help keep you in a creative space that promotes more ideas to help clients. It also gives you a space to share ideas and struggles that have come up that others may have experienced also. I’ve seen the impact firsthand, in my online mediumship membership group, and my mediumship and business programs. Coming together promotes high levels of learning and also a beautiful community to connect with for business collaborations and life-long friendships.

Be mindful of your time and energy

It’s important to have an abundance of energy for your clients. Don’t spread yourself too thin. When you offer your services, make it a point to be mindful of how many appointments you schedule during the week. It’s vital for your customers to receive quality psychic mediumship readings.

Set up weekly meetings

Whether you have other team members in your business or not, choose the same day each week and set aside at least thirty minutes for a weekly meeting. During this time, write down your weekly business celebrations, your weekly income, and log tasks for the upcoming week. This will help you become aware of how you can create new content for your clients and maintain the momentum for your business. My business students adopted this process while going through my business program and noticed the weekly meetings impacted their business in a profound way. It’s brought them more clarity, ideas, and momentum for their business.

Overall, there are many factors in running a successful psychic mediumship business, but it all comes down to a healthy balance for both you and your clients. Read more about the Mediumship business in the article I was featured in from the Saint Louis Post Dispatch “In search of answers — and the dead — St. Louisans Meet With Mediums”

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  1. Trish

    Do you ever mentor anyone in getting started?

    • Lindsay Marino

      Hi Trish!
      Yes, I do. I have a beginner’s mentorship program “Unlock Your Inner Medium: Level 1” and I’m now accepting students. Click Here


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