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Psychic Medium question if she needs to protect herself when connecting with spirit

Do You Need To Protect Yourself When Connecting With Spirit?

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Psychic Mediumship Development

Is it important to surround yourself with life or put yourself in a protective bubble when you're practicing mediumship abilities? This is a common belief among many mediums, but I’ve noticed is we don’t have to use protection because we are connecting with love.

At the beginning of my Mediumship journey, my biggest fear was tapping into “negative energy.” Since Mediumship was an unknown topic to me, I took classes and workshops and soon adopted the ideas of others and started to put myself in some sort of protection bubble or white light, before giving a psychic mediumship reading.

What I realized later, by receiving healing messages from the spirit realm, was that I didn’t need any form of protection from spirit. I felt complete unconditional love while connecting with them. I’ve given countless mediumship readings where passed loved ones come through apologizing for their behavior while they were here on Earth.

In one particular situation, a stepfather came through to talk to his stepdaughter. She was frightened to hear what her stepfather had to say, but she soon realized that he learned how he had affected her while he was here, after reaching the spirit realm. He shared that he was an abusive alcoholic while here on Earth, and he wanted to apologize to her. This beautiful exchange of love and healing is something that occurs regularly.

It’s easy to think that the humans that were once living here on earth, with extremely negative tendencies, would remain the same while they come through, but in actuality they’ve learned and have seen how they’ve affected others. When they reach the spirit realm, they are in a state of pure unconditional love. Whether you’re a working Medium giving readings or not, you don’t have to protect yourself when tuning into the spirit realm.


Image of a Psychic Medium question if she needs to protect herself when connecting with spirit

In the Oxford Dictionary, the word protect means to make sure that somebody/something is
not harmed, injured, damaged, etc.


The word protect feels very restricting and creates a sense of powerlessness in an unneeded space. Immediately, when we feel we have to protect ourselves, our heart closes down a little bit more and our auric field is pulled in. This is the complete opposite of allowing the spirit realm to come in and feel their presence. Instead of guarding your heart and your energy, open up in a state of complete surrender to those that have passed. To become aware of feeling their beautiful love and presence, we can open up to them in a whole new way. When we are fully standing in our own power and opening up without restrictions, we are completely surrendering to the beauty of who they truly are. There is no need to “protect” ourselves from the spirit realm.

Remember, they were souls that once walked this earth, like you and I, and now they are without the limitations of the human mind.

They’re in a space of higher frequency, meaning they are able to experience the sense of peace and love that always is. Let’s embrace all passed loved ones and tune into this channel of the beautiful spirit realm, without letting fear cripple us, so that we can experience the true nature of their loving presence.

To practice receiving your own healing messages from a loved one, try out my oracle connection cards “Unlock Your Connection: a 55 card deck of healing messages.”



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