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Hi, I’m Lindsay! I help Psychic Mediums deepen their abilities and grow their business so that they can bring healing to their clients while they experience the true freedom of living in their purpose.

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Join like-minded and heart-centered souls in any of my signature Unlock Your Inner Medium online courses, VIP Mediumship Mentorships, my Exclusive Online Mediumship Membership “Mediumship Mastery Circle,” and my Intimate Psychic Mediumship Retreat experience.


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Mediumship is not only about your ability to connect to the spirit realm, it’s about connecting in with your own soul and learning to trust yourself in the process. It’s only with the proper mindset, you can truly reach new levels in your Mediumship.

The signs are everywhere, once you're aware of them you'll open up to a whole new world of love and guidance.

My compassionate and down-to-earth reading approach will bring you a sense of peace knowing the signs are everywhere and our loved ones never die, they just changed their way of communicating with you so that you can continue to move through life knowing you’re guided with love always.

I’ve worked with over a thousand Psychic Mediums from all around the world, whether it’s through giving them Psychic Mediumship Readings or guiding them in my online courses to deepen their Psychic Mediumship abilities and grow their business.

Being a former 3rd Grade teacher, I’ve found there is a common theme between teaching my 3rd Graders and teaching adults. We all want to learn and grow in a safe and loving environment. This is exactly where the magic unfolds and where my students reach their full potential, knowing that they are in a safe, loving, push you to the next level type of environment.

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You Are Guided With Love, Always.

Lindsay creates a safe and loving teaching environment that really has helped me open up and develop my mediumship and trust in myself.

Lindsay’s classes have been such a gift for me. I took Unlock your inner medium & Next Level Mediumship. I can’t say how thankful I am for finding her! She is a generous and knowledgeable teacher and medium. Lindsay creates a safe and loving teaching environment that really has helped me open up and develop my mediumship and trust in myself. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to nurture and develop their abilities to spirit.

Nicole Linde
Intuitive & Medium

This membership has been the greatest support that I could ever ask for.

I’ve been part of the Medium Mastery Membership Circle since the moment Lindsay put it out there and have loved experiencing the evolution of the group as a collective. Lindsay and the community she has created through this membership has been the greatest support that I could ever ask for with mentorship, professionalism, and top-level mediumship peers.

Lindsay has a way of attracting the most amazing souls. I’ve been part of other mastermind groups and even a retreat and I can’t say enough about how much knowledge, healing, and compassion I experienced not only from her but from those that are drawn to her. Thank you, Lindsay!

Hope Taylor
Psychic Medium

If you are a non-believer in mediumship or question it, you won’t after a reading with Lindsay.

I can’t speak highly enough about Lindsay and her gift. I’ve been to mediums all over the United States. NO ONE has ever been as accurate as Lindsay. I’ve had 3 readings with Lindsay and every single time her readings are spot on or “come true.” Sometimes in a week or a day and others within a few months. Regardless, she’s connected with loved ones on the other side and told me things she could NOT have known and has given me guidance for my daily life and future that helped me and came true. She’s worked with my son one on one as well.


Each one of us has the innate power to not only tune into our intuition but also tune into messages from those that have passed. Being open to the evidence of their continued life will not only bring you comfort, but it will also help you trust the journey of your life.

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My husband Tony, creator of the online program Energy Management for Empath Entrepreneurs, and I joined together to take our private coffee shop and road trip conversations to the internet, on our video podcast.

For over one hundred forty-five episodes and counting, we have been talking about business, spirituality, and life experiences and we interview some amazing humans like Anita Moorjani and George Koury who are leading powerful missions here on Earth. Join our community of thousands of listeners from around the world, each month, and tune in for transformational life-altering episodes.

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