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  1. Patricia Kelley Reply

    Hey Lindsay…great video! And it totally represents your energy and authenticity! You are an amazing Intuitive Medium..and I’m so excited about all the wonderful new opportunities in your life and work as a Medium. I know from personal experience how “spot on” you are!

    • admin Reply

      Thank you Patty! I’m so grateful I am able to spread the message of Love and can’t wait for everything that’s coming. I appreciate all of your support, always!

  2. Lisa Reply


    LOVE the video! My daily meditation is walking…nice to know that it doesn’t need to be a ‘sit in silence’ activity. I also like flow writing and need to get back to that :)

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      Thanks Lisa! Those two forms of meditations are powerful and really get the energy flowing. I Love it!! :)

  3. Chris May Reply

    Thanks Lindsey. I still have signs from my husband. I buy an ornament for him and my mom for the tree I light a candle every night thanks for being my inspiration. U have always helped me. Luv U. Happy hoilidays

  4. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Chris, you’re welcome. Those are the things that they love. I love that you are noticing all of the signs around you from your husband. Their Love will never go away. Love you! Happy Holidays to you Chris!!!

  5. Anna Thompson Reply

    Yes I DEFINATELY am an Empath. I am a hairdresser and I am ALWAYS exhausted after work. People tell me their deepest darkest everything all the time. I like that I can be that for them however it cusses me to go through a little low spell or depression when it builds up.. I do get anxiety with a lot of people so I make sure to always drive in case I need to leave. I am currently learning how to use energy shielding. It is very positive but also very draining..

  6. Glenda Long Reply

    definitely an empath–related to every single statement.

  7. Megan Reply

    This is me to a T! My son is also an empath. Great info!

  8. David Reply

    I answered yes to all 7 questions.
    I have taken a test last year called 30 traits of an empath and answered all 30 with a yes. Before that day I never heard of an empath. It really opened my eyes, I always explained to my children and close friends that it was a sixth sense because I didn’t know what it was.

  9. David Reply

    I had never heard of an empath until last year. I read 30 traits of an empath and answered all 30 with a yes. I answered all 7 questions above with a yes. I always thought it was a gift or a sixth sense to those close to me.

  10. Susan Reply

    Love this! So true. I used to try to force myself to “clear” my mind. I do a lot of these on this list. Washing dishes is a good one. I also journal which is my form of visualization almost every morning and it gets me in the zone. Something else I’ve been doing that sounds kind of crazy but WORKS is coloring! Someone got me an adult coloring book as a xmas gift, half as a joke, but now I”m addicted. Knitting used to do it for me too back in the day. Great list Lindsay, it takes the pressure off of trying to do it right!

  11. Glenda Long Reply

    Thanks you for your writing and meditation, Lindsay–I really needed this today. Very Beautiful!!

  12. Alex Reply

    Lindsay, what a beautiful post! Your story is such a powerful one of loss and love, and I love that you shared it with us here. And thank you for the link to the meditation. I am going to do it right *NOW*! :) Love you, thank you for being the beautiful person you are! xoxo Alex

  13. Mama Char Reply

    Spot on baby girl! Thank you for affirmation what I was feeling was normal!!

    Blessings..Mama Char

  14. Linda Stewart Reply

    Thank you so much Lindsay …you have shared with amazing insight. I am going to photocopy this because I know so many people who would benefit from what you have so beautifully put into words from your heart, and from your experience. I am having Anita Moorjani speak in London, Ontario and you have just emphasized exactly what she writes about after she had a near-death experience and came back. Again, thanks so much…great message for all! Sincerely, Linda

  15. Mariana Reply

    This is so true Lindsay, just find it hard to reach that place where I feel 100% unconditional love for myself and maintain it.

  16. Laura Wright Reply

    Lindsay, I will forever be thanking you for your fantastical soul!!! My spirit guides knew that I needed you in my life. You are capable to guide and glide me in a gleeful journey. Thank you so very much for giving me LOVE energy with your guided meditations. Thank you. Laura xo

  17. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Glenda!!! I am so glad you loved the meditation :) I created it because it’s something that we all need to hear sometimes.

  18. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Alex, Love you!!! It’s time for my story to be out in the world for others to learn from :) Can’t wait until the book is finally finished! xoxo

  19. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Mama Char, thank you always for everything you do!!!

  20. Lindsay Marino Reply

    I love that it resonated with you. I absolutely love Anita. She was one of the first few guests I had on my radio show! I’m not sure if you got to listen to the interview, but here’s the link
    One day, I hope to meet her in person! She’s such a sweet soul. Thanks Linda for writing, it means so much!!

  21. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Mariana, I know it’s not easy in the beginning because we’ve trained ourselves to believe that we have to look outward…but as time goes on, you will feel it :) If you take baby steps towards it, you will get there.

  22. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Awwww Laura, it was not a mistake that we were connected. It’s beautiful how it all happened. Thank you for being here :) xoxo

  23. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Yes, Susan!!! I love coloring :) I always find myself drawing hearts or writing my name over and over again. That’s when my ideas pop out. It’s funny what meditation can be :)

  24. Alex Reply

    Count me in!

  25. Kayla Reply


  26. Charley Suzette Thomason Reply

    :-) :-) :-) Thank you !! Absolutely great

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You’re welcome Charley!!! :) Make sure you check your e-mail on Wednesday for the 1st video!

  27. Janice blomeyer Reply

    Yes, I would like to be a part of this class. Thank you.

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You’re welcome Janice, make sure you sign up with the blue button. Then go to confirm your sign up by going to your e-mail and opening up the message. Then you will get your first video on Wednesday!!! :)

  28. Joyce Talluto Reply

    Thank you.

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You’re welcome Joyce <3

  29. susie Reply


    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      YAY!!! SUSIE!!! :)

  30. Sarina Reply


  31. Lee H. Reply

    Thank you!

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You’re welcome Lee!!

  32. Janette Reply

    Thank you!!!!

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You’re welcome Janette!!!

  33. Lindsay Marino Reply

    Yay Alex!!! It’s happening this Wednesday!!

  34. Cindy F Reply

    Thank you, looking forward to the lessons!

  35. angelic Reply

    Thank you very very much!!

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You are very very welcome Angelic :)

  36. Shawn Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity! I have 3 kids and a lot classes are not affordable for me. I’m super excited!

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You’re welcome Shawn!! I get excited teaching it!!!

  37. Tanja Reply

    Aw you so sweet 😉 I’m really excited!!!


  38. Alex Reply

    I CAN’T WAIT! 😀

  39. Joyce Reply

    Thank you so much!! I appreciate the free lesson!

  40. Donna Reply

    Really looking forward to this! Thanks!

  41. Irma Reply

    Thank you !! Look forward to these !

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      Yes, I love teaching it!! :)

  42. Glenda Long Reply

    Loving this!!

  43. Karen Reply

    Thank you Lindsay for your insightful video on intuition. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I love it. I have always tried to tap into my intuition since I was a child and sometimes I was successful and other times, not so much. This seems to be a great course. Can’t wait for the rest of the classes. Karen

  44. Alex Reply

    Thank you, Lindsay!

  45. Elsa Reply

    Thank you Lindsay! Your series on intuition is very interesting. Love it!!

  46. Alex Reply

    Amazing, can’t wait for the video on dreams!!! 😀

  47. Karen Reply

    Hi Lindsay. I must say I really enjoyed your second video. It made me think of all the things I have seen and felt at certain times with certain items and colors. The apple was a really great choice. My first response was that it represented Fall and foliage and the event of cool weather and my birthday and my father’s birthday too. I am looking forward to the third video and will work on the homework too. Love this series. Maybe I will join the webinar that you mentioned. Thank you. Love, Karen

  48. Linn Reply

    Thanks Lindsay. Your videos have put me back on my path. Much appreciated.

  49. lee Reply

    Thnks xoxo

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You’re welcome Lee xoxo

  50. Brandi Reply

    Thank you

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      You are welcome Brandi!!!

  51. Irma Reply


    • Lindsay Marino Reply


  52. Kerry copus Reply

    Thanks so much! I’m ready!

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      :) I feel the love Kerry!!

  53. REGINA Shevlin Reply

    Do you think that you are going to do another Gallery Presentation at Serenity Now on Tampa Rd??? You were awesome to watch in other sessions. (“awesome” is a word way over used, but it fits you and your abilities!) Thanks so much…Regina S Shevlin

    • Lindsay Marino Reply

      Hi Regina!!!!
      I do need to get back to Serenity Now! I just told them that I would be touching base, possibly in April or May. Thank you so much for always being such a great support!!! I will write it in my newsletter the next time I go to Serenity Now. Stay in touch Regina!!! :)

  54. Karen Reply

    Hi Lindsay. Just signed up for another wonderful webinar that you will be hosting on Thursday. Can’t wait. I will mark my outlook for this event so I will be there.

  55. Jessica Marshall Reply

    I would like to sign up please!

  56. Christine Reply


  57. Maria Swanson Reply

    Yes! I can completely relate to all of this! I have always pickef up on others feelings and energy. It can be draining too so I’m working on developing safe boundaries eith those people who especially effect me. It is an interesting quality to possess because some of these people are my own family. One of my friends used to tell me that I walk around with an invisible neon flashing sign that says,”talk to me I’m ok!” I’m looking forward to your course on this! Thanks so much!

  58. Autumn Reply

    Thank You very much!

  59. kim Reply

    Thank you!!.. can’t wait for Thursday <3

  60. Elizabeth Metzger Reply

    I’m looking forward to the webinar tomorrow

  61. Darcy Reply

    Thank you im excited

  62. dixie Reply

    Hey thank you

  63. Patrece Reply

    Can’t wait

  64. Lisa Reply

    Just found it! Signed up and can’t wait!!

  65. Lindsay Marino Reply

    xoxo :)

  66. conny Reply

    Thanks Lindsay ,you helped me so much !! I understand the signs so much better now ,thank you !

  67. Karen Reply

    I love these fun facts about intuition. It makes me think about what has happened to me in reference to each fact. As an example, I was at my sisters and her huskie is old and not in good shape. When I got there, she came over to me and looked at me with those sad eyes as if to say I am hurting. She has Cushings and I felt her pain and I felt sad for her. They have taken her to the vets but I haven’t heard about the outcome yet. Also, before I woke up yesterday morning, I heard my name called and thought it was my husband, who was clearly at work. It could have been my dad telling me to get up and get going – LOL. Thanks again Lindsay. You are awesome!

  68. leila Reply

    whenever you have your next session I would be interested thank you

  69. Christina Reply

    Can’t wait!

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